angolan performance 2.jpg

The fabulous Angola trio performing in the yurt at Casa Danielle. Tello Morgado, Mike Trovoada and Te Macedo


The yurt at Casa Danielle has a special energy that seems to inspire all those who enter its space. The light, the view, its open majestic shape and the smells emanating from the oak floors, the sweet chestnut lattice-work and the sequoia centre-piece, have an immediate effect on the senses. It is an ideal place for hosting intimate performances, conducting all kinds of creative and well-being workshops and screening films. The fantastic acoustics in the yurt also make it a great place for musicians to use it to develop and record their work.


The yurt has a standing capacity of up to 80 people and comfortably seats around 50 people with nearby amenities in the eco-hut. The compost loos and solar shower facilities next to the yurt means it can also be used for group camping-style accommodation. 


The yurt can be rented out either as part of a retreat  or separately for hosting day-time activities on a daily or weekly basis.