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Promoting well-being is at the heart of staying at Casa Danielle. The pure air, the natural serene beauty of the area very quickly make you feel more relaxed and help you release the built-up tensions and anxieties of every day life.

Our yurt offers a wonderful space to unwind, meditate, stretch, get energised and create. Yoga in the mornings or late afternoons is always an inspiring way to start or end your day. Or, you could launch your day with a gentle swim in the pool and follow this by a stint in our state-of-the-art infrared sauna.

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Once in the infra-red sauna, the five available programmes give you choices to detox or to lose weight,  for instance, while you listen to your favourite music or watch a film. Truly decadent!

If it's aqua pampering that you crave, then a full-body water massage in our deluxe jacuzzi spa awaits you in a secluded outdoor spot. But for those who seek the real hands-on massage you can book a highly recommended local masseuse, to give you one in our delightfully cozy massage cabin. 



No well-being experience can neglect the importance of good nutrition to support the body and mind. The wonderful part of being in the Algarve is the abundance of locally grown organic produce found in markets in nearly every nearby village and town. Two beautiful and popular ones, for instance, are the hillside town of Loulé and the coastal town of Olhão, famous for their buzzing Saturday markets. You are guaranteed to find delicious food wherever you turn. And in the summer time there is an explosion of food festivals, so if you are a foodie this is the destination for you.  The good news, too, is once at Casa Danielle you can leave your car behind and simply pop down to the bottom of the hill to dine out at one of the three fine restaurants, only a 10 minute walk away.

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